We provide the following courses:

Sauna Hydrotherapy / 1.5 hours

Course Objectives:

This unique for our region class takes 1.5 hours of hands-on training on Traditional European Sauna Hydrotherapy (Finnish, Russian and Turkish). The class itself is not just a training with Certification from www.learnaholic.net, but SPA procedure for participants as well. It includes short lecture on history of the hot steam treatment around the World and its benefits for the body. Participants of the first few classes will also get free copy on Andrei's book "The Healing Magic of Heat: the Steam Sauna" (sold on Amazon $12.99-23.00)

Therapeutic Ultrasound TENS Electrical therapy technique 

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of ultrasound and electrical stimulation

  • Describe the physiological effects of ultrasound and electrical stimulation

  • Identify safety measures, contraindications and precautions for ultrasound and electrical stimulation (according to The Health Canada guideline)

  • List the alterable parameters of ultrasound and electrical stimulation and how each parameter will affect treatment outcomes

  • Design a treatment program incorporating electrical stimulation or ultrasound based on a case study examples.

  • Explain the rationale for choosing ultrasound or electrical stimulation

You can register for the listed above dates by phone (226) 216-0021 or online:

You can register for the listed above classes by phone (226) 216-0021 or online: click here
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