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* If necessary I may incorporate complementary modalities into a massage treatment. The proportion of a hands-on massage and use of physiotherapy devices depends on the nature of pain and may vary between 20% and80% of total time of massage therapy session.

In order to better understand Services and Fees, please, download this file recommended by The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario.

Ancillary Goods and Services



Assessment or Re-Assessment


Preparing a Report (progress or medical legal reports) 


Discharge Note 


Completion of Forms
(where fees are not stipulated by Government Regulation) 


Verbal Consultation


Review of Records (copying, transfer, or for court testimony) 


Review and Court Preparation Time 


Expert Testimony 


Half-day rate (court appearance, corporate outcalls, labour support) 


Full-day rate (court appearance, corporate outcalls, labour support)


Photocopying of Records

at cost

Transfer of Records (by mail or courier)

at cost


at cost


at retail

Kilometres travelled

$0.54 per kilometre

* For ease of reference, the HST-included approach is used